Grandmaster Chung
Su Hwan Chung

8th Dan Black Belt
45 Yrs Taekwondo Exp.

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Our professional and highly skilled Instructors are the best part of Tiger Taekwondo and the main reason for our success. Instructors are excellent role models, and are chosen by Grandmaster Chung, not only for their high level of technical skill, but because they are knowledgeable, energetic, caring leaders who have the ability to work with and care for their students. They are among Alberta's leading expert Taekwondo practitioners.

Tiger Instructors come from diverse professional backgrounds. Many have backgrounds in teaching, healthcare, early childhood education, social work and recreation. We seek out excellent educators who are creative, hardworking and dedicated to sharing their knowledge with students.

Our high standards require that our instructors hold a 1st Degree or higher Black Belt, ensuring that our instructors are not only excellent teachers, but also students of extremely high calibre.

1. Provide every student in class with a positive experience

Every individual who chooses to participate in Taekwondo is motivated and encouraged by instructors to have a positive experience.

2. Provide an opportunity for students to achieve their full potential through Taekwondo

Each student has unique interests, abilities and talents and must have an equal opportunity to explore his or her interests and to develop his or her skills and abilities. Taekwondo represents a challenge to each student, given his or her goals and capabilities.

3. Use Taekwondo as a personal development tool

Taekwondo enables students to challenge themselves, the environment and others. It also gives students an opportunity to interact with others.  Tiger Taekwondo supports excellence in teaching and learning through helping instructors enhance their teaching skills by encouraging exploration of new approaches to teaching and learning and by supporting program development. Instructors receive ongoing training and evaluation and are encouraged to further develop themselves professionally.