From the Tiger, we learn the positive qualities of knowing ourselves and our abilities, how to prepare to reach our goals, the importance of patience and discipline, and how to proceed with our plans when we know the time is right, despite obstacles and our own fear.

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As a beginning Taekwondo student, you will:

  • gain a solid understanding of the basic blocks, kicks and punches (based on fundamental Taekwondo techniques) that will form the foundation for further learning. Each technique learned is like a brick in building a foundation of a house, with each move and lesson supporting each other.
  • acquire an understanding of your body through training and an awareness of the power that you possess. Only through training will you know this power - you may not be exposed to it otherwise. Taekwondo training is your chance to understand your body in this way.
  • experience increased stamina and improvement in your physical conditioning - encouraging you to maintain a healthier lifestyle and a new way of living!

Paralympic Classes

Regardless of physical ability, any individual can benefit from Taekwondo.
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School Programs

Tiger Taekwondo teaches School Programs in Edmonton from Elementary to Senior High School students.